• The firm

Drawing on the experience he has acquired in the specific areas of industrial risks, product liability, international trade and transportation law as well as in the resolution of commercial disputes, Arnaud Dizier co-founded the law firm in 1997, as a professional civil-law partnership. As an independent law firm operating on a human scale, managed and led by Arnaud Dizier, it has always focused on industrial risks and the various liability issues that companies are facing in their business activity. This field of activity has been developed by Arnaud Dizier since the creation of the firm, leading the firm to be a recognized and one of the major players in these areas of law. Assisting clients in complex matters and disputes, the firm has thus developed a multidimensional approach and cross-disciplinary skills, dealing with the various technical, legal, financial, economic as well as insurance issues at stake, which enables it to offer relevant and efficient solutions meeting its clients’ expectations in business areas that are constantly evolving.

Whether in the field of litigation or advice, as well as in the prevention of disputes or their amicable resolution, the firm actively devotes itself to assisting major groups of companies from the industry, service and construction sectors and insurance companies, whether French or international, as well as small and medium size businesses which have trusted them for many years. In the areas of industrial risks, product liability, construction law, insurance, international trade and transportation law, guided by a commitment to excellence and rigor, as well as by strong involvement and ethical values, the firm commits to provide performance and high value-added services to all the companies that rely on its services. For this constant purpose of assisting the clients, the firm has developed a network of international contacts in Europe and on the American and African continents.